Scholl-New-Vestmann-Low-Woman-Ankle-Boots-Color-Black-Size-38 44,99 EUR*


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  • Preis: 44,99 EUR*
  • Ersparnis gegenüber UVP: 15,00 EUR (25,00%)
  • Marke: DR.SCHOLL'S Div.Footwear
  • EAN: 0000975494194
  • Händler: Farmacia Loreto Gallo Germany
    Farmacia Loreto Gallo Germany
Zum Angebot Scholl New Vestmann Low Woman's ankle boot The New Vestmann boot is the ideal solution not to give up elegance and style even on rainy days, the new houndstooth pattern is suitable for the most fashionable. Scholl New Vestmann is characterized by soft...